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Friday, 21 December 2012

Cheat Open All in Shop 2013 Ns & Pns

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Cheat Ninja Saga & Play Ninja Saga Open All in Shop 2013, feature: Open all skill, taijutsu, kinjutsu, genjutsu permanent, and open all shop clothing, weapon, back item permanent, if you have token you can claim it, how to use Cheat Open All in Shop 2013 Ns & Pns :

Tools yang di perlukan:
  1. Download fiddler and file SWF (below)
  2. Open ninja saga / play ninja saga
  3. Darg File SWF to fiddler
  4. Clear cache browse and reload page NS/PNS
  5. Go to shop/academy and buy
  6. NS will fix soon, PNS Permanent

Tutorial Video Cheat Open All in Shop 2013 Ns & Pns


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